What is organic search ?

Organic search

Organic search means free traffic that enters your website directly from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing.
For example, when a user searches the term “buying clothes” in Google. This search engine shows him results in “SERF”.
If these results do not have the word “AD”, that means they have appeared naturally in “SERF” results. When the user clicks on these results, he enters the site. This type of input is considered organic search traffic.

Note that incoming traffic from organic search is different from the following types:

  • incoming traffic from links on other websites (referral traffic),
  • Social network links,
  • Clicking on an advertisement (paid traffic),
  • Etc.

The amount of organic search traffic depends on factors such as how to optimize the search engine (same SEO site), domain authority, advertising campaigns or email campaigns.
By tracking organic search results in Google Analytics, you can prepare an SEO strategy for the site and optimize it as much as possible according to the behavior of visitors.

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The types of traffic in the web world are:

1. Direct traffic:
Traffic whose source is unknown. Usually, when the user enters the address of your site in the browser bar and enters the site directly, it is the type of direct traffic.

2. Email traffic:
Traffic is obtained through an email marketing campaign.

3. Organic traffic:
Free traffic that comes from the appearance of the site in search engine results.

4. Non-organic or paid traffic:
The traffic that comes to the site as a result of paying for “Google AdWords” or Yektan, etc.

5. Referral Traffic:
This condition occurs when the user enters your website by clicking on another site’s link.

6. Social media traffic:
Inbound traffic from social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

7. Others:
Traffic that does not match the introduced sources is labeled as “other”.

What factors affect “organic search”?

Factors that can affect organic search results include:

• Internal and external linking

• Backlink structure

Technical SEO (such as length of “URLs”, site loading speed)

• Quality, structure and freshness of content

• Using other content formats such as videos and attractive images

• Optimizing the site for mobile

• Activate “SSL” certificate and use “https” protocol.

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