What is local SEO

What is local SEO?

What is local SEO

Local SEO makes you more visible in local search results by optimizing your business. As a result, the traffic of the site will increase and you will experience higher sales.

Why does local SEO attract more users to businesses?

There are many reasons why users go to businesses and become their loyal customers. In the following, we will mention the factors that show that local SEO has an effect on attracting customers.

1- These days, the number of local searches is increasing and most searches are related to location.
2- The number of newspaper readers has decreased significantly.
3- Local searches are usually targeted and they are looking for new sites that are close to their work or living address.
4- Many local searches turn into target customers.
5- Most customers trust local businesses.
6- Advertisements are time-consuming. But local SEO is a very good option for a quick return on your investment.
7- A small percentage of businesses register their location on Google map.

How to rank high in Google local SEO?

As we said, SEO is very necessary for the growth of your business and it makes you find more real customers. There are various ways to get top ranking in local SEO. Following these simple steps, your site will appear on the first page of search engine results. Now we will describe them to you, dear reader.

Social Networks

The best way to increase local SEO is to use social networks. Google pays special attention to content sharing in networks. To start local SEO for your business, first identify the most visited keywords and then target them. Analyzing competitors’ websites will also help you a lot. Most of the sites are entered by local Google search.

Embed a Google map on your website

Leave the Google map at the bottom of the page or contact us.

Address and phone registration

Local searchers aim for a specific location. So, on all the pages of the site, register the address of all the branches, your name and phone completely and accurately. This information must always be up to date.

Using Google map

Before the sanctions, you could enter your address and information in Google My Business. But now you have to put them in Google map. Register your address, name, phone number, working hours, website address and pictures of your work environment in Google Map. By recording this information, users will enter your site by searching keywords. Make sure that your address must be written in plain text. The completeness and up-to-dateness of this information makes Google understand and index your website correctly. It is also very efficient to enter your information in the job requirements and categories.


Link building is very important in local SEO. Search engines depend on links to gather information. So, you should optimize your site by providing internal and external links to rank in Google. This simple step has a significant impact on the progress of your business.

Meta descriptions and tags

It is better to mention the name of your geographical region in the title and meta description. If the tags have geographic keywords, you will be ranked in Google and it will be effective in local SEO.

key words

Choosing the right keyword has a great impact on site SEO and local SEO. In addition to the keywords, also mention your geographical area. Focusing on keywords is one of the most important points in local SEO. Google itself usually suggests keywords related to the searched term. Be sure to take advantage of these offers.

The difference between local SEO and site SEO

Local SEO on a smaller scale makes your local business visible. But SEO focuses on increasing website traffic in the world. Even without having a website, it will help you in increasing traffic and you will be more exposed to users.


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