types of target audience

types of target audience

Who is meant by the target audience?
Any person who needs your services and products is considered your target audience. Having traffic alone is not enough for you. You need income in addition to traffic, and in order to achieve income in any job, you must first determine who needs you and then meet their needs. You should make all the important decisions related to your business according to the conditions of your target audience. (Where to advertise, what product to bring, how to advertise, how to behave, how to price, etc.)

Information needed to determine the target audience

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Location
  • Education
  • Purchasing power
  • marital status
  • Entertainments

For example, you are active in the field of SEO training, in this case, your audience can be people of any age. Your target audience is people who are interested in learning and want to learn a new skill.

The reason for the importance of choosing the right target audience
It doesn’t matter if you have a traditional business or operate online. In any case, you must determine your target audience. Most business owners only think about buying goods, creating content, etc. This is if they do not have a proper understanding of what they are doing. By knowing your target audience, you will solve many questions in your mind. And the more precisely you know about the target audience, the easier it will be for you to make a decision. If you do not understand your target audience, you will only waste your money and time.

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3 questions to better understand the target audience
1. Who are your audience?
One of the ways to identify the target audience is to check current customers. Check who follows you, who buys from you and… try to collect their characteristics and make a decision based on it.

2. What are the problems, needs and difficulties of your audience?
One of the ways to increase income is to understand the need and solve the problem of the audience. Find the problem and need of your audience. Fix it and build yourself a loyal audience.

3. Where can you find your audience?
You have to remind the audience of yourself. That’s why you need to understand what your target audience is doing during the day, what pages they browse, and… advertise on those pages and remind yourself of the target audience.

Types of target audience
– Logical target audience:
A target audience that conducts research and examines the features of your product and service before taking action is a logical audience. You have to find and solve the need of this audience. Introduce your product logically and completely and let the audience decide.

– Sensory target audience:
A sensory target audience is an audience that makes decisions based on their interest. He decides to do something at the moment and you only have to make him feel the need.

5 ways to determine the target audience
To determine the right target audience, you need to analyze your data. The mentioned 5 steps will help you to know the target audience:

1. Check your current customers
Check the terms of your existing customers. How old are they, where do they live, what are their interests? One of the ways to obtain this information is a questionnaire.

2. Analysis of competitors
Check out your competitors. What do they do? They are active online or offline. What do they sell and what services do they provide to the customer? Try to check all the items and improve it.

3. Determine who your target audience is not
Reverse engineering is another way to determine the target audience. Instead of focusing on what you want, identify audiences that are not relevant to you and remove them from your target circle. Knowing this will help you make better decisions.

4. Check constantly
At any moment, your target audience may change or expand. Therefore, constantly check and modify your target audience.

5. Use Google Analytics
Google Analytics provides the number of people who visit your site. You can check the behavior of the audience using this tool. After checking the behavior of the audience, determine the pages and products that the audience is most interested in and then spend more time on them.

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