Is the designed site capable of being upgraded in the future?

Yes. Due to the fact that the site is designed dynamically, it is possible to update and upgrade the site in the future.

What is dynamic website design?
During the design of the dynamic site, the necessary flexibility for different parts of the site is considered so that the site manager can make changes and edits in different parts of the site based on her needs and tastes.
Is it possible for the client to edit the site after the site design is finished?

Yes. It is possible to edit different parts of the site by the customer. For this purpose, a training video is prepared and presented for the customers of the dedicated site, so that the customer can apply the necessary changes personally.

Is the site designed by Seobase?

Yes. The team designs and develops the site using the latest coding technology and complete SEO base.

SEO site services for the designed site include what headings?

The website SEO consulting and analysis that is provided includes the SEO analysis report and internal SEO and external SEO processes during a one-year contract.

Is there a limit to the implementation of projects from an international point of view?

No, there are no restrictions and we are ready to start a new collaboration with any employer anywhere in the world and in this field we have many international examples that can be seen in our resume and work samples.